Tape Wrapped Coils

Tape Wrapped Coils

Quality Coils’ tape wrapped coils are produced with exacting standards and the latest technology and winding equipment. Below are just a few samples of the customized coils we produce.

Our tape wrapped coils are used in applications that have relatively mild environments where solvents and chemicals are much less likely to affect the product in the application. Some of the places you’ll find QCI tape wrapped coils are in clocks, timers, pneumatic systems and electronic circuits.  You’ll also find our coils in systems where the customer will be encapsulating the coil as part of their assembly.


Underwriters Laboratory Recognized Open Electrical Insulation Systems

  • UL Standard 1446
  • Class B (130° C) Systems, 600 V Maximum
  • Class F (155° C) Systems, 600 V Maximum
  • Class H (180° C) Systems, 600 V Maximum


Types of Winding Options

  • Bobbin
  • Self-supporting
  • Form
  • Fine Wire
  • Toroidal