“We just couldn’t get the response time we needed for our customer base. Once we started to do business with Quality Coils our response times have been great and we’ve been able to grow our business as a result.”
A major pump manufacturer in the Northeast


“When we experienced moisture problems with our coils, I contacted Quality Coils. They redesigned the coils and changed some materials.  We have not had a problem in the past three years.”
A Midwestern solenoid manufacturer for the heating and air conditioning industry.


“We needed a coil that was more efficient.  We didn’t have the space to add any more copper.
Quality Coils designed and wound on their precision winders a coil that met our efficiency needs
and fit in the existing space.”
A clutch manufacturer on the East Coast. 


“Our inventory turns on coils were only three times a year.  I called Quality Coils and they sent in a team
to improve our inventory control.  Less than a year later we were turning over coil inventory nine times a year.”
A manufacturer of off highway equipment.