Tool Room Service

Tool Room Services

Quality Coils, Inc.’s full service tool room can perform any tool room service that your product could possibly need.

From specialized tooling fixtures, to test fixtures and everything in between, our tool room has the experience to produce it for you.


The following is a partial listing of Tool Room Equipment:

Typical examples of tooling produced by our toolmakers are:

  • Lead attachment fixtures
  • Component placement fixtures
  • Welding fixtures
  • Testing fixtures
  • Over Molds
  • Bobbin Tooling
  • Specialized assembly fixturing.


Our tool room also offers free basic mold tooling maintenance.  This service is provided for all customer’s on their over mold tooling and assembly fixtures.

Come take advantage of a coil company that can also handle all of your coil and coil assembly tooling needs.

Learn more about some of the equipment Quality Coils has available for your needs:

Production Equipment