Services And Capabilities

Coil Design Assistance

If your company is working on a new design or is trying to reduce costs or improve product, Quality Coils Inc. has the proven track record and commitment to help you design a coil that will meet your needs.  Our experience makes the difference.  We’ve helped many of our customers reduce costs by changing materials, removing labor and providing better manufacturing practices.


Over Mold Encapsulation Tooling Design

QCI engineering can help to design the most exacting tooling requirements.  Our expertise in building and maintaining complicated tooling is what you need to get the most out of your tooling expenditures.


Bobbin Design Assistance

Over the many years of providing quality services to our customers, QCI has always helped in the design of the coil bobbins.  Our experience with different configuration and different materials will help facilitate your bobbin design  process so that you can meet the challenges of today’s tough market place.


Inventory Management

QCI has worked with our customers in helping the to reduce their inventory turnarounds.  This has been accomplished by providing customers with accurate information on their yearly usage and by instituting KanBan systems with many.  Let us help you reduce your inventory and work on receiving quality parts in a timely fashion.


Cost Reduction Planning

Our years of experience are what you will come to rely on when your are looking to reduce costs.  We’ve been instrumental in developing lower cost materials and designs that reduce the amount of labor involved in the manufacture of coils.


Tool Room Services

Are tool room has full service capabilities.  We can make your tooling in house at reduced costs and help to save you money.  Additionally QCI maintains all of your tooling at no cost to you.

Our tool room also manufactures all of our winding, finishing and assembly fixtures, thereby eliminating the use of outside sources in developing tools to meet your production needs.


Quality Assurance

Quality Coils, Inc’s company mission drives us toward manufacturing the best electromagnetic coil windings in the world.