Encapsulated And Over Molded Coils

Encapsulated and Over Molded Coils

Our encapsulated and over molded coils have been used in every industry imaginable.  Our configurations can run to anything that you have planned.

QCI uses materials for encapsulation from the best suppliers in the world including Dupont, Phillips BMC, IDI, Hysol.

Our encapsulated systems cover UL requirements for compatibility of materials in classes B through H and utilize a variety of materials.

We specialize in encapsulated coils that meet the highest industry standards. Each custom made coil is assured of exacting standards, unsurpassed quality and tested reliability.


Underwriters Laboratory Recognized Encapsulated Electrical Insulation Systems

  • UL Standard 1446
  • Class B (130° C) Systems, 600 V Maximum
  • Class F (155° C) Systems, 600 V Maximum
  • Class H (180° C) Systems, 600 V Maximum


Extensive Encapsulated Coil Options

  • Thermoplastic, Injection Molded
  • Thermoset Compounds, Transfer Molded
  • NEMA Configurations, Explosion Proof/Hazardous Duty Coil Applications
  • Liquid Poured (Potted)
  • Varnished