Coil Products

Encapsulated & Over Molded Coils

Quality Coils produces encapsulated or over molded coils in a variety of materials.  Our encapsulated coils are used in the most demanding environments.  If you’re looking for a coil that is water resistance and able to withstand your most difficult environment including explosion proof  systems, come to QCI and let us help you make your product the best it can be.


Tape Wrapped Coils

If your requirements are for a more economical product, where the environment is friendlier, QCI has produced a myriad of tape wrapped coils.  Typically found in moisture free locations and used for applications such as pneumatic valves or controls or in electronic environments.  Our years of experience can help you come up with the most economical tape wrapped coil.



QCI can assembly everything from component assemblies to connectors for you.  If your application has requirements for any specialized assembly we have the people and equipment to handle it.  Contactor assemblies, PC Board assemblies, Non-coil encapsulated assemblies, we’ve done them all.  Let our experience count for you.


Paper Section Coils

Paper section coils typically are used in high voltage application where there can be uncontrolled voltage and current spikes.  These coils are manufactured by winding the wire onto paper material such as Nomex or Kraft paper and then insulating each subsequent layer with the  same material.  This provides a high dielectric strength  between the windings.  Typical applications include power transformers, nuclear industry and aerospace applications.


Self Supported Coils

If your application has limited space or needs to be as close to the metal as possible due to magnetic requirements, QCI can assist you in designing coils that will have no bobbin form.   This allows the magnet wire to be as close to the metal in your magnetic circuit.  Whether your application is in clutches, contactors or audio applications we have the ability to produce what you need.


Toroid Coils

QCI toroid coils have been used in a variety of industries.  We can accommodate you with toroids for transportation applications, audio applications, power supply applications or whatever your need may be.  Our ferrite core suppliers are the best in the world, which makes our toroid coils capable of meeting all of your toroidal winding needs.


Specialized Products

QCI  has manufactured products for customers ranging from encapsulated surge suppressors to specialized harness and cable assemblies.  Our years of experience can handle any non-standard requirement that you may have.