Coil Materials

Coil Encapsulants

Quality Coils uses materials that have been tested and proven to withstand the toughest environments.  Our encapsulation material includes Rynite  Ryton, Zytle, Cyglas, Hysol, and IDI.  We can deliver this material via thermal set injection mold, thermal plastic transfer mold and liquid pour.


Tapes & Insulations

Quality Coils, Inc only uses tapes supplied by the best manufacturers.  They include tapes from 3M, and  Permacel but also can be obtained for any specialized requirement you have.  All of our tapes have been tested for compatibility in our UL systems.


Electronic Components

Components include resistors, diodes, diode bridges, lamps, led’s, mov’s, thermal cutoff’s, fuses, and just about any other electronic component you can think of.  If your application requires you to include any of these devices, count on QCI to be able to deliver them as part of you overall coil package.


Bobbin Materials

QCI uses a variety of bobbin materials including Rynite, Ryton, Nylon, LCP, Nomex, and various thermoset materials.  Regardless of your requirement QCI can make or outsource the bobbin to meet your requirements.


Enclosures & Frames

If you coil need to have a D or C frame encapsulated within the coil, come to us.  We have made millions of coils with various frames and enclosures.  We can handle all of your enclosure or frame coil requirements.


Copper Magnet Wire

Quality Coils had the ability to manufacture coils with any type of magnet wire available.  Temperature ranges up to 220 C are typical.  Our production equipment can produce coils using any guage from 11 down to 50, and produce them to the most exacting requirements.