Industrial Controls

QCI coils can be found in a variety of industries and a variety of applications for industrial applications.  We’ve provided product for use in commercial waste management systems, industrial and municipal water treatment plants.   If your application has demanding industrial applications, come to Quality Coils and utilize our experience to help you produce the best product for your application.


Refrigeration Equipment

QCI’s coils are used in many refrigeration systems.  You’ll find our coils in Walk in Coolers & Freezers, Deli Display Cases, Industrial Chillers Systems, and Recirculating Chillers.  If you application is in the refrigeration market place, you can count on QCI to provide you with a reliable proven product.


Electronic Clutches & Brakes

Your source for coils used in Electronic Starters, Electronic Brakes. Pneumatic, Hydraulic, DC, Tension Clutches and Brakes,  electro-magnetic chucks . Whether your application is today’s high volume, high tech commercial segment or low volume, high tech aerospace industry, we can make it for you.


Solenoid Valves

Whether your Solenoid valve is used  in remote areas, rugged environments, and hazardous locations, QCI has made coils that will meet your needs.   Our coils  are used in a wide range of applications through many industries.  You’ll find QCI coils being use for transfer air and other gases, liquids, hot water and steam, and hydraulic fluids.  Our coils have also been used in application such as general service (for working with common fluids), cryogenic fluids (for fluids such as liquid oxygen, liquid argon and liquid nitrogen), vacuum (for working in and maintaining vacuum conditions), and oxygen service (designed to provide contamination-free flow of oxygen).


Aerospace and Nuclear

QCI coils can also be found in aerospace applications where the conditions can be extreme.  WE produced coils used on valves provided to NASA, US Army, Navy, and Air Force.  If your valve is used in aerospace applications or if you have specific requirements for other aerospace components that require coils.  You can also find our coils in nuclear power stations and nuclear power control equipment.  QCI has been there and can help you provide the highest quality components to meet the most demanding aerospace and nuclear requirements.


Air Conditioning Equipment

Whether your air conditioning application is for industrial, commercial, automotive or aerospace, QCI has the capability to meet your requirements.  Our coils are used in home air conditioners, industrial air conditioners and automotive air conditioners.